Gaslamp Quarter Hotels

Getting Around San Diego


The Gaslamp Quarter is one of the most beautiful areas of San Diego. Most visitors really enjoy walking through its streets. The weather in San Diego is some of the best in the world, so it makes it really pleasant to walk around the Gaslamp Quarter.


Since the Gaslamp Quarter is such a tourist attraction in San Diego, there are many bike rental shops in the area. Riding a bike around this area is a great way to see it. It allows tourists to cover ground more quickly than by walking, but still get to see all the sights. All the roads in the Gaslamp Quarter have bike lanes, so it makes it a very bicycle-friendly environment.

Bike riders in the Gaslamp Quarter should be aware that the police will give tickets to anyone caught riding on the sidewalk in the Gaslamp Quarter. Bike riders should hop off their bikes and walk them when they are on the sidewalks of the district. It is also a good idea to always lock up bicycles in this area to prevent theft.

Driving a Car

There are numerous car rental agencies in San Diego, so it is no problem to find a car to drive around the area. The Gaslamp Quarter can be a little crowded, so visitors may have trouble finding parking. The parking on the street is metered, so visitors will need to have change to fee the meter. The meters in San Diego also take prepaid parking cards that can be purchased from the City of San Diego Parking Administration.


There is a trolley stop in the Gaslamp Quarter. This trolley will get visitors to most other parts of the city, and it is a really fun experience to ride it. The trolley runs from 5 AM to 12 AM every day. A trolley will arrive at the Gaslamp Quarter stop every 15 minutes or so.


The Metropolitan Transit Service runs the buses in San Diego County. There are numerous bus stops in and around the Gaslamp Quarter. The buses will take passengers from any the Gaslamp Quarter to any other part of the city, but this may require a transfer. The buses run every 15 or 30 minutes, depending on the stop and the time of day.


It is easy to flag down a cab in the Gaslamp Quarter most of the time. Taxis in San Diego are safe and clean, but they can be expensive.